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Podcast # 1- Special Guest Kirk Rhoads

Learn how to launch an English business in Japan and what it takes to grow your English language teaching business online.

In our seats today, we have Kirk Rhoads, who has over 13 years of Teaching English as a Foreign language and is currently self-employed as an Online English Teacher.
Listen in on:
• Operating an English Language business in Japan.
• Selling cakes and running a marketing business while teaching English classes.
• Learn about different teaching styles.

Find Kirk Rhoads here: Here

Podcast #2 - Special Guest Essence

Learn how to run a Holistic Health Coaching business and the life of a teacher overseas in China.

 In our seats today, we have Essence who taught English abroad in China and is a Holistic Health coach.
Tune in and learn more:
    • Educational and international documents you need to know when teaching abroad.  
    • Learn about apartment hunting strategies while living.
    • Insight about cultural diversity in a classroom, especially for People of Color.

Find Essence: Instagram|  YouTube

Podcast# 3 - Special Guest Gary Au-Yeung

Transitioned from English language teacher abroad in China to Online English teacher

Let’s welcome our guest Gary to the show.

    • Stay tuned and learn more:
    • key suggestions and tips to be an effective teacher to your learners online.
    • How Gray overcomes the pandemic with teaching English online.
    • Insights about cultural norms, icebreakers, and ever-advancing in schooling in Gray’s experiences teaching online.
    • Online teaching platform that was mentioned in today’s episode.

Find Gray Here

Podcast # 4- Special Guest Milena Milanovic

Experience as a teacher of English in Serbia and enthusiastic about teaching Chinese learners

What we have instore for you today is:
Discover how one English Language Teacher taught the English Language first as a nanny and currently teaches Chinese learners from the beautiful and vase-like country of Serbia. Currently working on her literature thesis while teaching English for more than 12 years.
  • Teaching should include two key things.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture 
  • A multilingual speaker, what is that? 
Find Milena Here

Podcast # 5-Special Guest Hannah Derbyshire

This episode reveals how one English language teacher made it work for her…
By keeping her sane in following her trusted colored coded calendar, she balances the demands of two platforms, one as a private English language teacher and the other in one of  UK leading English language institution.
This episode reveals:
    • With students clamoring to take English lessons from Teacher Hannah.
    • Learn about one philosophy you can learn starting out as an English Language Teacher
    • Fun-filled tips to keep your students eager and engaged in your classroom
Get Engish Lessonn from Hannah Here.
Connect with Hannah about running a English language business and working as an online English teacher. Reach out to her here.